I see you’ve found my missions page! This is where I give updates on my missions trips and dreams of traveling the world to help missionaries. You will be able to see posts about my missions trips, including photos, on the main page. This page is just to log the processes that I go through and the places I’ve been.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve had a heart for missions. I absolutely loved when missionaries would come to our church and talk about the work of God in foreign countries. Being raised under the leadership of Pastor Gary Howard, who has a great burden, and impact, on missions all around the world, I’ve been raised to pray for missions, give to missions, and love missions.

One thing that I remember impacting me when I was young was a little girl in the Philippines. She was my age and she was born with a hole in her heart. She wasn’t expected to live past a certain age without surgery and given the extreme poverty that they live in, there was no money for that life-saving surgery. I remember preachers talking about her need and asking us to pray for her. I stood in the pew on a Saturday night at family prayer and prayed for her. I prayed that God would heal her and that someday I would be able to go there and meet these people that had such a heart for God. Then I remember when we got the news that she had been healed. It was amazing and tears came to my eyes as I remembered my prayers for her. I wanted so badly to be able to help make a difference, to somehow help impact the world. Yet how could I at such a young age? The only thing that I knew to do was pray and give. So that is what I did.

Several years later, the Philippines was hit with a hurricane or some other tropical storm. There was massive amount of flooding and a great loss of life. It affected our churches there and the people that attended them. Again, in the midst of such poverty, there was not much that the survivors could do to get back on their feet. Their belongings had either been swept away or destroyed as the flood waters overtook their small homes. Pastor brought the need before us and we prayed. We ended up sending huge units of clothing and other essentials to the Philippines. We prayed that the government would not confiscate them and keep them to themselves. Some units eventually made it through, some didn’t. My mom and I went through my closet. I remember picking out clothes for the girl there, some that I had outgrown or didn’t use, but I sent some that I honestly didn’t really want to. Some of the things that I sent I wore and used, and loved.  I sent them anyway. It was clear that they had such a dire need and I loved these people. I remember dropping things off at the gym so that the ladies could get it ready to ship. We finally got the news, along with some photos, that one of the shipments had gotten through. Pastor had the pictures put on the projector at church. We looked at the photos, Pastor explaining what was happening in each one and spoke about the Philippines and the people there. I cried while looking at a picture of a little girl about my age, wearing a blue shirt with a collar, that was so delighted over some clothes. Then it hit me. The clothes that she wore had been my clothes. I hadn’t wanted to give the shirt because it had been one of my favorites, but my mom had explained the need again and told me that God would bless me for it. She was wearing it and she looked so happy. I drank in the picture in awe of what was before me. Then I heard Pastor say “This is the girl that God healed. The one that had the hole in her heart. We prayed for her and God healed her. Now this is her, growing and healthy.”. My heart stopped beating. The girl who was wearing my clothes was the girl that I had prayed for.

I realized that I could make an impact. Through praying and giving, if that is all that was possible for me, I could still make an impact. This is when missions became personal for me. I’ll never forget that.

My upcoming missions trip, if all goes well, is to Belize. I’ll be heading there in the Spring of 2016 with some folks from my youth group. I am so excited about this trip!

What I am doing right now is applying for a passport. I just got the paperwork to send in and am in the process of filling it out so that I can finally get my passport. This step was harder than it should be because I work full time and the office that we have to go to is out of our way. My dad finally went by and got it for me while he was sending in his and my mom’s paperwork for their trip to Canada and Alaska in May.