I’m Thankful For…

Let’s be honest.-I’m way too blessed to list EVERYTHING that I am thankful for. Seriously. But I’m particularly appreciative of certain ones.

I’m thankful for my mom.


My momma and myself. #twins

My mom is pretty awesome. And by “pretty”, I mean, incredibly and overwhelmingly so. She has taught me SO much and there is no way that I could ever repay her. Ever. She is supermom, ya’ll. More than just being a mom, she has been a friend, an example, a teacher, a worrier, a leader, and someone who gets me in trouble. 😉  We get comments ALL the time about how alike we are. In looks, in speech, in facial expressions, in the way we deal with things, in our humor.-All sorts of things. And I take that as one of the highest compliments.

Several people have told me that they are envious of our relationship. (I’ve had people tell me that about my relationship with everyone in my family, honestly.) They say things like “I love watching ya’ll interact. Like, you both know your place but you have so much fun. You both act crazy and have a good time but she is still the mom and you’re still the daughter.” or “Man, I wish my mom and I could hang out like that. Like, it isn’t even awkward. Ya’ll goof off and crack jokes and talk about everything under the sun. And it isn’t even weird. It’s like ya’ll are friends or something…” or “I always thought your mom was intimidating. I had no idea how she had a daughter that was so crazy and funny…but then I was with you the other day. My heavens, she is hilarious! You just feed off each other and it’s so much fun. You guys act just alike and I had no clue! Like, when we all went over to your house, your mom was right there with us, hanging out and making jokes. It was awesome.” I generally respond with something about how that person can have a good relationship with their parent too.-and it doesn’t have to look exactly like mine. But it makes me realize how thankful I ought to be for this sort of relationship. We goof, we joke, we have a good time. We talk, we cry, we argue, and we love each other. And that is what makes it special.


Tornados call for selfies whilst having “bonding time” with the family in a closet. 😛

Ya’ll, that is real talk. My mom is the mom that hangs out with us and doesn’t make it weird. She has quirks and does things that make me absolutely crazy. (Seriously.) But she is amazing and I’m glad that people think we are alike.

I’m thankful for my mom.

Te amo mamá. ❤



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