It Has Been A While…

Y’all. Its been forever. I’ve missed you.

I’m sorry that its been so long.-things have been crazy.-and when they weren’t crazy (which is rare), I lacked any motivation to post. But I’ve thought of you often and tried to think of something to post about. Pretty much the only thing that I have come up with, is playing catch up…hopefully that will bring some inspiration to write. *crosses fingers*

Playing catch up is going to take a while and will have to be in several posts. 1) There is a lot to catch up on and 2) I don’t have time to sit and write an incredibly long post about everything that has been going on. And I doubt you’d want to stick through a post for THAT LONG. Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me want a nap.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the big things that have happened since my last post:

  1. LCA 2016 Graduation
  2. My brother graduated from ACBS (Apostolic College of Biblical Studies)
  3. My brother graduated from TCC with his ASSOCIATES in SCIENCE
  4. My brother officially has become an OSU student. #woopwoop
  5. I turned nineteen. Basically, I’m ancient.
  6. I went to Illinois with my brother for a fun little jot to see some family and take a breather for a few days.
  7. My parents went on their dream vacation to Alaska/Canada/Oregon and Washington Coast. (They had a lot of fun and got some breathtaking photos!)
  8. We had our youth carwash and yard sale…I got sun burned so bad!
  9. I got a new job.
  11. I learned to ice skate. I’m no medalist but I can get around. I’m proud of this. haha
  12. Vacation Bible School hosted by The Lighthouse Church
  13. The Lighthouse Church; Youth Camp (which was an…adventure…)
  14. We got more cows! Now we have Amethyst, Leonard, Penelope, and Theodore.
  15. Summer Heritage in Colorado Springs
  16. ADMIT conference (THIS WEEK!!!

There are a lot of other events that have happened since March that I didn’t list for various reasons but trust me, its been busy! I hosted a reception for all of the ACBS graduates,  helped with a surprise party for Trent’s TCC graduation, and, at the last minute, I got to play organizer for the ACBS graduation which included directing the graduates down the aisle. Not a huge deal, but I think I was more nervous than the graduates. haha 😀  I literally got this assignment RIGHT BEFORE THE MUSIC STARTED so I had no time to figure out how to make it efficient. I was a teensy bit stressed. 😛  It went well, thankfully!

I’ll probably make an entire post just for my scholarship, but I’m so excited about it that I HAD to go ahead and at least talk about it a little…

  1. It’s an absolute miracle. No lie. I’ll go into details more on the actual post but let’s suffice it to say that I got to apply for this scholarship AFTER the deadline was up, I just found out that I had absolutely ZERO financial aid, and it is way more than I deserve. God is faithful.
  2. The scholarship is called “Bridging the Gap” and is specifically for those majoring in childhood development and education. It is a HUGE blessing to anyone who gets it. It covers books, fees, tuition, tutors, etc.-everything except a ten dollar copay per credit hour. Basically, its a full ride scholarship that will bend over backwards to help you succeed. And THAT is amazing. I’m so honored to be a part!
  3. The people. WOW. They are some of the sweetest, most caring, most helpful people that you’ll ever meet. No lie. They have helped me SO much. They give you everything you could possibly need to succeed and are always there for guidance and advice. Easy to talk to, quick to communicate, all that stuff that EVERY college student wants but most, unfortunately, don’t get to experience. They are amazing! So: Linda, Melinda, and Amber…if you ever read this: YOU ROCK!

Anyway, I’ll try to keep playing catch up and hopefully get inspired to do some serious blogging. (Though it won’t be this week because ADMIT is here…I’ll explain what ADMIT is and why it is so important in another post.)

Thanks for reading along and stay tuned! 🙂


Miss Lauren Nicole


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