The title is pretty irrelevant, but I wonder what it would be like if I had an eastern accent. You know, turning my ‘-er’s into ‘-aah’s? Example: Forevah, nevahmind, watah, pahfume, etc… I’m generally told that I “don’t really have an accent”, but on a few occasions, people have complimented my accent. One of those times, I was at one of the malls here in Tulsa with Brooklyn; the lady was from North Africa. Apparently I am easily amused. Ha!

Anyway, pardon my prattling on.

It’s been a long time since I posted. Too long. I’ve been working on Bible College homework and studying for Midterms next week. Which doesn’t seem possible at all, but time flies, right?

One big thing on my agenda is our Easter Drama at church. I’m playing a few parts and I’m so excited about it! God really spoke through our drama last year, even during the rehearsals. A young man in our church had injured his back at work and couldn’t function because of it.-I have no idea how he got to practice or why he came because he could barely walk. Anyway, we were rehearsing and God started touching us. That young man ended up healed and perfectly fine. It was amazing! That being said, I’m so excited to see how God will touch us this year.

Here a some photos just so this post will feel more worthwhile. 😉 I know I’ve said it before, but I’m reeeally, really going to try to do better with my blogging. Really. *crosses fingers and squeezes eyes shut*


Brylee Jo holding Hannah


Brittany and Hannah




Pastoral Anniversary Setup


Pastor and Sis. Howard at the surprise event


Jeriah, brother to Leonel…can you tell?


JoJo and Yours Truly


He finally came home!


Birthday Buddies


Me and my girls. ❤


My valentines…


Ms. Kelsi. Love her MUCHO!!


Jeremy and I took a photo together. My home folks will get the distance between us…and myself…I was about to fall on the ground from laughing. Obviously. Ha!


View from the church


Gorgeous sunset while failing at riding bikes…long story


Same sunset


It’s always a joy to have Cara in town!


We went to see Tim Hawkins!



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