Is He Really That Old?!

That is what people ask after they us after a long time. They ask how old we are and then question us as if maybe we have gotten our own ages incorrect due to some random problem. Like no, I remember how old I am, thanks for your concern. -But that is a different story. 😉


Today, my sweet brother turns twenty-one. TWENTY-ONE!! He is practically a grandpa, goodness.

Those of you who actually know us, know that Trenton and I are pretty close. Especially for siblings. We actually get quite a bit of commentary on it. “Do you all EVER argue?!” “So you’re really friends? But he/she is your brother/sister!” “That is so weird! You guys just….get along like you’re friends or something!” “I hope my kids are like that someday!” “I could never be friends with my brother. Ever. He is just too annoying. Maybe if he was like Trent but not the way he is now…” etc.


This photo is very old. I would say perhaps 2011?

We  honestly don’t argue very often, but yes, we argue. Everyone argues regardless whether they are siblings or not. It’s called being human and having a different opinion. Trent makes me upset or frustrated sometimes and I’m sure I do the same for him. (I don’t get mad often. It really takes a lot to make me angry, but Trent has done that before too!) However, we work through it. Just like you would with your friend or coworker or anyone else. We have fun together, we spend time together when we can, we tell stories and jokes, we play games (and pranks!) together. We are friends. In fact, we often stay up for a little bit before we go to bed and talk upstairs. We will laugh and be funny, or we will have a serious conversation. Whatever. Trenton is my brother AND my friend. I wouldn’t have it any other way. (He is one of my most favorite people ever. I mean that.)

So, Trenton Cole, I hope your birthday is great and you live long and prosperously…cause I’ll probably still be hanging around bugging you. 😉 I love you big much. ❤

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