A Taste of My Saturday

As most of you all probably know, I live in Oklahoma. You know how you visit states and the locals talk about how random the weather is (stay here 5 minutes and the weather will have changed, etc.)? Yeah well that is actually true here. Seriously. Its ridiculous. It gets SO hot (and yes, we all know Arizona gets hotter by degree, but let me tell you something honeybun, 110 with 98% humidity will win against 115 with no humidity every time!), it gets freezing cold. It rains like we are in the mountains and it gets dry like we are in a desert. Tornadoes. Oh how we Okies love us some good ol’ tornado weather. Most people don’t understand this so let me try to explain; there is something about the atmosphere right before a tornado. It feels coiled like a spring, crouched like a cat ready to pounce. Its amazing. The colors look alive, the sky starts getting dark and you can hear the thunder rolling for miles. Its incredible. We don’t like the damage that tornadoes bring, the devastation to so many lives, but we love the feel of that charged breeze on our face right before the strong winds hit. We got respect for them for sure, but we like that feeling…most of us. haha Anyway, that is where I live.

We’ve been having crazy wind and a lot of fires around here lately. It hadn’t really affected ME however, until yesterday. One of our neighbors had a prescribed burn going and it got windy. BOOM, it was crazy. Ended up spreading onto about 5 different people’s property and caught some hay on fire. My dad and I came out of the barn on our 4wheeler to check the mail and saw smoke. Dad mentioned it was a bad day to be burning and I had already decided it was too much smoke for it to be okay. Sure enough, the house across the road from us had a roaring fire getting their hay. They were running the horses out of the back pasture and trying to get to the next house to warn them. I jumped off the 4wheeler to get my mom so we could help and dad went on ahead to start getting water on it. By the time I got back (maybe 2 minutes of being gone? I ran all the way back to the house. Which is a bit of a distance) it was about to get to two things. 1) the next house 2) the tree line. Either one would’ve been disastrous. Literally the whole valley would’ve probably gone up in smoke, especially since we lost so many trees to the drought that we have been in for the last several years. Thankfully the firemen got there soon enough to prevent that. We lost all of that hay (it was quite a bit) but everyone is safe, the animals are all safe, and the homes are as well. I’m pretty sure I got about a year’s worth of cardio though. Ha! Anything exciting happen over your weekend??

I’ll have to upload the photos some other time but that was a small taste of my weekend. It has been super long because my brother is in Arizona (he had to play for a wedding). He has been there since Wednesday and I am ready for him to come home! I miss him so much. I’m glad that we are so close but its cons are that we miss one another a ton when one of us abandons the other. (Yes Trenton, I feel abandoned. *sob* 😉 ) Thank you for reading this long and rambling post! 🙂




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