Man…we were flyin’!

For those of you who don’t know, my dad is a pilot. This has both pros and cons.


You can fly anywhere you want.


Sometimes you have to hold a light on a map because the cabin light is out in the plane and you’re night flying and the wind is rough. (Read: tired arms and slight frustration)

Also, sometimes people just up and leave you because you have to work but they don’t. So they just fly somewhere without you and don’t even bring you leftovers from dinner. Humph.

Recently, I got the opportunity to take a friend to dinner. Guilianna was so excited from the moment I brought it up and was delighted to go. It was so fun to watch her enthusiasm…it was pretty much her first plane ride and she was beside herself. She sat in the back with my mom so that I could copilot with my dad. We got up in the air and quickly realized that we would have to completely reroute because of wildfires nearby. The smoke was so thick! We went around them and safely made it to the restaurant.

Its a neat little place called Enrique’s. It is actually built at the airport and they have a parking lot for cars and a parking lot for planes! You literally just land, taxi over, chock your wheels (they don’t have tie downs), and go eat! Pretty cool.

We were planning to do some aerial sightseeing on the way back but the smoke eliminated that possibility so after eating, we just hopped back in the plane and flew home.

I took a nice camera to take a few photos and ended up snapping a few photos on my phone too. IMG_5169 3IMG_5171 3DSC00848 3IMG_5124 3

IMG_5127 3

Just in case you’ve never seen some of the control panel in a cockpit.

These were all taken on my phone. The first ones are primarily so that you can see all the smoke…it was everywhere! If you look closely in the second and third photos, you can see the flames of the fires. It was pretty crazy.

IMG_5132 3

We were preparing to taxi out after eating here. Dad was concentrating…I was not. Ha!

IMG_5205 3

More control panel

DSC00933 3

Love the reflection off the wing

DSC00936 5

Look a’ that fahry skah! 😉


Bundy Family Ski Vacation

If y’all know Odyssey, you ought to appreciate the title of this post. If you don’t… *facepalm*

As many of you know, my dad and I went snow skiing last March for a few days on a complete whim. We had never been and he had always wanted to try it. He asked me if I wanted to go on a Tuesday. I managed to clear my schedule for the rest of the week and we left bright and early on Thursday morning, knowing nothing about what to expect. We drive to Colorado, found a cabin to stay in on the way, and, upon arrival, looked into ski rentals. It went surprisingly smooth for our lack of information and we went to our first ski class on Friday morning. We were in class all morning and into the afternoon, pausing for lunch. Our ski instructor was FABULOUS and if you ever go skiing at Wolf Creek, try to get Craig as your instructor. We picked it up pretty quickly and enjoyed skiing until the slopes closed for the evening. We went back the next day and skied all day (literally) and then headed home on Sunday. I fell completely in love with the activity and honestly did not want to leave. I could stay up in those mountains forever.

Our excitement convinced my brother and mom and that we should go in December as a whole family. Some good friends of ours had also recently discovered snow skiing and we decided to make a big trip of it. It was so fun. I’m literally ready to go pack a bag right now and leave…if only the slopes were still open! *sob*

Here are a few of the many photos taken on this trip:



We saw big windmills and baby ones. *aww*


Maaa and I


Terrain change!


The whole cloud/barren land/train thing caught my eye apparently


He had just woke up and was stuffing his face…totally normal actually


I was obviously fascinated


Finally in New Mexico!


This was Jordanne’s favorite thing to do


Finally home *sigh*


The Lynx Lift…A beginner lift (which made it super boring) but I had to try it at least once!


Revisiting a run from my first time skiing…It ended up being super boring so I ended up only doing it when begged.-my runs were on the other end of the mountain.


Headed up for the first run of the day!


Dad was cold apparently. Ha!


Blurry car pictures



Yours Truly…don’t mind the person being carted off by the medic behind me. (Also, the person in the bright green is Craig, my old ski instructor!)


She was pooped! This happened all week at lunch time and got us a lot of attention from passersby.


I was the only one who could get good fire going, hence the documentation. The guys blamed the altitude but I think its more of a skill thing. 😉


Heading back to the car after the first day.



A Lil Somethin’ Somethin’

Y’all. It’s been too long. You’ve missed a LOT.

I’ll just post some pictures of the last few months, undoubtedly accompanied with a few stories. However, I’ll spread it out over a few posts so that it isn’t one devastatingly long post. Scrolling gets old, amiright?!

I’ll start with a tidbit.

Last semester, I did an internship in a third grade classroom. This was my first experience in a public school classroom outside of college. Boy, was it an eye opener! For the most part, the kids were fantastic. They had their issues, of course, and there were definitely things going on that would be unacceptable at the private school. Most of it, however, was not unexpected. I fell in love with those kids very quickly! There was one day in particular where all sorts of crazy things happened and it left my head spinning. It was the Tuesday after Thanksgiving break (and also a full moon) when it happened. Half of my class turned into little monsters. And by little monsters, I mean, Kid A tried to kiss Kid B but Kid B didn’t want Kid A to kiss her so she ran away. Kid A got angry and began punching walls and crying.-wouldn’t communicate with a single person because we would “think he was dumb and laugh at him.” Kid C already had issue with emotion management (especially anger/frustration) and Kid D called him a bad name (in the defense of Kid C, the name was really terrible…I can’t repeat it. #uhoh). This caused Kid C to begin punching a brick wall after trying to pound Kid D…his knuckles got bloody and he just stood there, silently beating the wall with tears streaming down his face.

Confused yet? Just wait for it.

Kid E and Kid F got into a fight (I don’t even remember why…they were just rolling and punching the daylights out of each other). Kid G went certified crazy after he was told to stay in during recess and do his homework that wasn’t completed (literally weeks of homework). He threw a chair, ran out of the classroom, ripped displays off of walls, attacked random children, and ended up running out of the school. Literally. (!!!) THEN, Kid H, who was in the hallway, got upset with some support staff…they attacked her and she had to go to the hospital to get X-rays and scans run on her knee.


It’s a good thing that I loved them so much. ha! Not everything was bad though and I honestly had a wonderful time. My last day there, the kids gave me a card that they had all signed their names with and a gift-card to Starbucks. I may or may not have cried.


Some homework that was turned in…


This note was on the top of a math page that I graded. It reads “My father graded this nothing wrong” It cracked me up. Thanks for the info hun, but I think I’ll grade it anyway.


Friend or Foe?

Isn’t God amazing? He always supplies with everything that we need, exactly when we need it. One thing that He has given us is fellowship. (Not that ‘eating’ kind of fellowship either, but thank God for that as well! haha )
Friends are important. Everyone needs at least one good friend. Let’s face it.-We all have our struggles and we all fall short, and we need the help of friends to get us through at times.
However, just as good friends can be a blessing, bad ‘friends’ can be such a detriment to our everyday life, much less our spiritual walk with God. This is why we need to be careful when we are choosing our friends and who we fellowship with. Here is a list of things that may help with what to look for when choosing a friend(s):
1) Fruits of the Spirit -This one is a no-brainer (as are several of them). Obviously, having the fruits of the Spirit at work in your life is indicative of having the Holy Ghost and a close relationship with God.
2) Trust -You need to be able to trust your friends. That is why they are there. You should be able to confide in them and not have to worry that they are going to use any knowledge that they have against you.
3) Accountability -True friends will hold you accountable. (This is not nagging.) If you don’t come to church, they’ll ask you where you’ve been. If you appear to have a nasty attitude, they’ll come to you and ask about you. Now this is not to condemn you, but to help you…and you should let them help you.
4) Concern for the Kingdom/Involvement with the Kingdom -How involved are they in the church? If they aren’t very involved, they probably aren’t right where they need to be. (Now I understand that there are some cases where individuals simply can’t be actually AT the church, helping, as much as they would like to be. That is different.) Whether it is through prayer, fasting, working at the church, etc. They need to be involved. Their concern for the Kingdom is also important. When you are struggling, do you want someone that will help you through it or someone that will tell you that it doesn’t really matter anyway? I know I want someone that will carry a burden for my soul/situation!
5) Holy Lifestyle -Do they live according to the Bible? Do they practice a lifestyle of things that edifying and beneficial? If not, you may want to reconsider being in a closer relationship with them.
6) Focus -Do they bring your focus to God or are they a distraction? A true friend is going to put your relationship (and theirs) with God before their friendships.

Obviously this list is not exclusive and there are other things that should be considered before you become too attached to someone. However, this is a good start.

Everyone needs good friends and I am thankful that I can honestly say that I have good, godly friends.

Slippery Santiago Slithers Sneakily

I met a guy at school. We talked for a while. Well…I talked. He just kind of “hung out”. He is quiet, tall, and gives great hugs (the tighter the better y’all). He is from Colombia so I think he is experiencing a bit of a culture shock…


Meet Santiago, y’all.

No, my mother wasn’t happy. At all. She said something to the effect of “I’m not sure if I should pray for you or beat you to death when I get home.” I think it’s safe to say that she doesn’t approve.

I wasn’t grossed out nearly as much as I was just nervous that he would think that I look tasty. I thankfully escaped alive (obviously) but he did get a few measurements so I’m glad I wasn’t planning on continuing our relationship. haha I don’t know if I’ll actually ever have the guts to do that again so I thought I’d document it. 😉

–PS. No, my mother did not beat me. Not to say that she still couldn’t, but she hasn’t yet. *crosses fingers*



Miss Lauren Nicole

10 Things College Taught Me

As you all know, I’m in college. Read: Trying to survive deadlines, the crazy person that sits behind me in Spanish, heaps of homework, and brain stretches…it has got to be a thing people. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

I was terrified to start going to college, honestly. I had no idea how I was going to survive. I had heard so many stories about the insane expectations of the mean college professors, the difficulty of the classes, and all the people that you awkwardly sit next to for 16 weeks yet still can’t seem to remember their names. Y’all, I was scared. I was also, however, determined to conquer that fear. So college began, in all of its glory. I found myself absolutely loving the new experience, despite the heavy load (I took 18 credit hours!). School is something that I’ve always enjoyed and of course meeting new people is one of my favorite pastimes. However, college didn’t come without bumps, bruises, and scrapes (more like road rash). At least for me, anyway. So, I thought I’d throw out a few things I’ve learned in hopes that it would help somebody, whether now or in the future.


  1. Take notes! Don’t wait until you’re about to have an exam before you start writing notes either. Seriously. I learned this the hard way in my psychology class. (So. Much. Information.) Take notes as you go rather than saving it all for the last minute. You’ll run out of time if you wait AND you’ll get some savage hand cramps. Trust me.-I’m basically typing with a claw.
  2. Keep. Snacks. Always. Most professors don’t mind eating in the classroom. Take snacks for extra brain power both during class and in between. I’ve been in both situations and I can honestly tell you that snacks make the day a lot better. Some of my favorites are: almonds/mixed nuts, crackers, fruit, granola bars, etc.
  3. Remember to take care of yourself. This is something else that I’ve learned the hard way. Your homework may scream at you to stay up all night, every night. Don’t do it. I spent the first several weeks of college staying up until two-thirty (and often much later!) every. single. night. working on homework. Then I would get up at seven for another day of it. It may be okay to do every once in a while, but after several weeks, your health becomes affected. It affects your performance in class, whether you are on time to class or not, etc. It’s not a good thing to get started. It sounds absolutely crazy, but if you need to, set alarms to remind you to eat. I got to that point during my first semester.
  4. Make time for things. I have a hard time with this one. I mean, I’m working on homework 24/7. No, I’m not going to the mall with you, no I won’t be able to stay late after church, I’m sorry, I can’t do your hair for a photoshoot…the list continues. Yes, homework is important. Make those deadlines. Keep that high GPA. However, you do need a break. I also learned this the hard way. Thankfully, my dad took me on a quick getaway to Branson (not even a full 48 hours ya’ll!). It helped SO much, even if it was hard to forget about those looming deadlines. I needed it and just that small break really helped me breathe a lot more.
  5. Don’t Stress about Stressing…I’ve done this and it is no bueno. Basically, I stress myself out by trying to not stress. So not only am I stressed, but I’m extra stressed because I stressed about not stressing so that I wouldn’t be stressed. But I am. Goodness, I need therapy, just reading that. Ha! Honestly though. Don’t do it. Take it easy and breathe for awhile. I’ve been so incredibly stressed out, and it is a hard habit to break. In fact, I’ve experienced “brain shakes” which is one of the weirdest things ever (literally feels like your brain is being shaken by some outside force). -it’s induced by stress and anxiety and can even result in seizures. So ya’ll. Don’t stress. Just breathe, do what your best, make time to relax, and don’t worry about the rest.
  6. Study Music. Any noise. It’s important ya’ll. Some folks like instrumental, some don’t have a preference. Regardless, try it. It helps me SO much. Just don’t get so busy with that air guitar that you don’t get anything done. I may or may not be speaking from experience. haha
  7. Sweaters. Basically any comfortable clothes, really. For me, it’s sweaters or cardigans. On my way out the door in the morning, I throw on a scarf and grab a cardigan. It helps me focus, be comfortable, and still look like I tried to look presentable.-I’m SO not the girl that wears PJs everywhere. I try to look nice anywhere that I go and a cardigan and a scarf is an easy, fuss-free way to do that AND be comfortable. Plus, if you take an extra sweater, you can always wad it up and use it as a pillow during between classes. You’re welcome.
  8. Make friends in class. Don’t be a loner or the quiet person at the back of the class that never says anything. I know this is much easier said than done for some people. Thankfully, I’ve never struggled in that department. (All the people who know me personally are cracking up right now because I am so EXTRAVERTED. Heavens. HA!) Regardless, the time will come when you’ll need help from someone in your class. Whether it is a “What assignment was he talking about again? I’m so confused!” or a “Can you tell her I am bringing donuts?”, you’ll want to have that contact. PLUS, the teacher notices. I’m honestly not boasting at all but several of my teachers have called me out saying things like “If you need a study buddy, Lauren knows her stuff. Ask her to help you or get her notes.” or “If you’re missing anything that I talked about or need help and I am not available, ask Lauren.” I’m not going to lie, it is encouraging (although sometimes a bit embarrassing). But it is nice to know that the effort that I am putting forth is not going unnoticed. It really does make a difference. One of my teachers was generally nicer to me (probably for this reason, at least in part) so if anyone had an issue, they checked with me first. If I was having the issue too, I was automatically nominated to talk to him…another uncomfortable situation for me, but the issue would get resolved. haha –ALSO, it’s totally okay to be the annoyingly helpful person in class. Anytime your professor needs anything, feel free to kindly offer your assistance (but be sincere folks, no one likes a phony!). Not only do you get brownie points with the teacher, but you get brownie points with the teacher. ‘Nuff said.
  9. Make friends on campus. This is such a huge deal. Again, I’m very people oriented and have no qualms with meeting folks and forming a relationship. I wish I could express how helpful it is to know people on campus. I’ve taken all of my classes at the same campus and I know so many people. Not only do I have a bunch of friendly faces all over the campus when I’m walking to a class, but I also have a bunch of people willing to help if I have a question. The folks in the computer pit? The scholarship office? The people in the Student Union offices? The CAMPUS POLICE? They all know me by name and are always happy to give advice, answer question, and even give me some insider information (ex. “Hey, if you want to do such-and-such, do it with so-and-so because they are super cool AND you get free pizza.”) They really are the best kind of helpful. haha Go above and beyond to be kind and friendly with people and it will pay off!
  10. Get a scholarship. The earlier you start looking, the better off you are. I was thankfully blessed with an AMAZING scholarship and it has saved my bacon. Not even the money but the support. The ladies in my scholarship office are real-life super people. They know everything and are always there to answer questions, encourage, lend advice…even just chat. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about them. If you can’t find a scholarship or aren’t able to secure one, don’t sweat. Head over to your Student Union and ask about ways to get involved in student life. They’ll be your support group and you’ll meet incredible people and get many awesome opportunities. You’ll definitely be doing yourself a “yuge” favor, either way.

I’m Thankful For…

These guys. And not just these pictured, but for all the young men in my youth/CnC group. They annoy me and tease me. They make me laugh, cry, and want to shoot them (or myself). But they challenge me to be better. They inspire me to give everything that I’ve got. I’m proud of them. These guys are cool and I consider myself very blessed to have them in my lives. Even though they probably wish that I wasn’t a part of their lives. Too bad. Haha


Typical Andrew


Jonathan, attempting to succeed at the “Lauren Face”…He is working on it.


Mr Caleb was always one to hide under his desk in elementary school, in an attempt to dodge the camera. Let’s just say that I was surprised to find this on my phone. haha









I’m Thankful For…

I’m thankful for my little friends. They make life precious and I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had to be a part of their lives! They all have special places in my heart. ❤


Ms. NoraKate


Ms. Brylee Jo


I love my girls!


Precious Bria Marie


Kayla and Bo…he was laughing.


Britton enjoying his first youth carwash


Sweet Riley…such a miracle baby!


Mr. Fred…He loves it when I call him that. (His name is actually Micah but don’t tell him that I know that)


Breck and JoJo


Carter D


Teaching Britton about life.


JoJo trying to get me to pose


Audrey and Peyton.

I’m Thankful For…

Let’s be honest.-I’m way too blessed to list EVERYTHING that I am thankful for. Seriously. But I’m particularly appreciative of certain ones.

I’m thankful for my mom.


My momma and myself. #twins

My mom is pretty awesome. And by “pretty”, I mean, incredibly and overwhelmingly so. She has taught me SO much and there is no way that I could ever repay her. Ever. She is supermom, ya’ll. More than just being a mom, she has been a friend, an example, a teacher, a worrier, a leader, and someone who gets me in trouble. 😉  We get comments ALL the time about how alike we are. In looks, in speech, in facial expressions, in the way we deal with things, in our humor.-All sorts of things. And I take that as one of the highest compliments.

Several people have told me that they are envious of our relationship. (I’ve had people tell me that about my relationship with everyone in my family, honestly.) They say things like “I love watching ya’ll interact. Like, you both know your place but you have so much fun. You both act crazy and have a good time but she is still the mom and you’re still the daughter.” or “Man, I wish my mom and I could hang out like that. Like, it isn’t even awkward. Ya’ll goof off and crack jokes and talk about everything under the sun. And it isn’t even weird. It’s like ya’ll are friends or something…” or “I always thought your mom was intimidating. I had no idea how she had a daughter that was so crazy and funny…but then I was with you the other day. My heavens, she is hilarious! You just feed off each other and it’s so much fun. You guys act just alike and I had no clue! Like, when we all went over to your house, your mom was right there with us, hanging out and making jokes. It was awesome.” I generally respond with something about how that person can have a good relationship with their parent too.-and it doesn’t have to look exactly like mine. But it makes me realize how thankful I ought to be for this sort of relationship. We goof, we joke, we have a good time. We talk, we cry, we argue, and we love each other. And that is what makes it special.


Tornados call for selfies whilst having “bonding time” with the family in a closet. 😛

Ya’ll, that is real talk. My mom is the mom that hangs out with us and doesn’t make it weird. She has quirks and does things that make me absolutely crazy. (Seriously.) But she is amazing and I’m glad that people think we are alike.

I’m thankful for my mom.

Te amo mamá. ❤


Lighting Fast Catch Up…

All of my fellow Adventures in Odyssey listeners should’ve gotten that reference.

Y’all. Two words.

Good. Intentions.

Really. I actually DID have them! Ha! I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve scarcely had time to eat. (Who am I kidding? This ol’ gal can EAT!)

Honestly though. It has been very busy. Its the third week of school and I’m drowning in homework, highlighters, and sleep deprivation. Too much time has definitely not been an issue! I have no idea how it is going to work when ACBS starts (on Monday!!), but I do know that I’m going to be doing really good to keep my head above water!

That being said, taking seventeen hours of classes, working part-time, being involved in my church, and basic housework/hygiene (because ain’t nobody got time for anything fancy!), means that blogging will not be my utmost priority. (Let’s be honest.-when has it ever??) Anyway, this is my apology in advance.

I hope everyone has as much fun and excitement with their day-to-day life as I am having… Or maybe not. That kind of wouldn’t be a blessing. Ha!